Recognize and reward your community's most engaged members.

automatically identify your community's mvp's

Your most valuable community members deserve recognition.

Tokens for Engagement

In Web3 communities, ownership is everything. Reward your best community members by paying them token dividends for engagement.

Engagement Leaderboard

Circus passively monitors your community's social channels and automatically creates a leaderboard of your most engaged community members.

Attract Quality Members

Trying to determine whether someone is a good fit for your community? Use Circus to understand their engagement scores in similar communities.

drops done right

Fairer NFT Drop Allowlists

Planning a new drop? Use Circus to automatically prioritize your community's most active and engaged members in your allowlist. Prevent hit and run community members from taking up valuable slots.

perks for vips

Reimagine Community Perks

Perks for community members are an important part of an engaged community. Use Circus to create entirely new perk structures based on the members who contribute the most valuable content, or attract the most quality new members.

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